The Pilot

    John Zayac
     Besides flying for the last 20 years out of Centennial Airport
     (KAPA), Zayac is married to Martha Zayac and has three
     daughters in Denver, Colorado.  He is also the CEO and
     founder of
IBG Business Services, Inc., which specializes in
     middle market mergers and acquisitions.
     In 2000, Zayac began his racing career in the Reno Air Races
     (The National Championship Air Races) racing the SNJ/T-6
     known as the “Thumper”- Race 12.  Flying the "Thumper" in
     2003 he won first place in the T-6 Bronze class, and steadily
     moved up through the Silver Class.  Later, in 2006, when
     Zayac began flying the SNJ/T-6, known as the “McDonald 
     Racer”- Race 37, that he began racing in the T-6 Gold Class,
     reaching speeds of up to 238.836 mph. Throughout the last ten years of Zayac's racing career he has been fortunate to work with outstanding crew members and friends to continue towards their team goal of not only taking first place in the T-6 Gold Class, but to break and maintain the current speed record of 244.523 mph. (See how here)

Past Aviation Challenges:
"The Terror of Colorado Boulevard”
On Zayac’s way out to his first year of races in 2000, he was forced to make an emergency landing on Colorado Boulevard due to engine problems.  This incident, along with other mechanical challenges that year, earned him the Reno Air Racing Association’s “Dagger Award”, commemorating him as an enduring new addition to the racing world.  (Read Article in Denver Post)
"The Thumpers Last Flight"
More recently, in May of 2008 Zayac was flying in the Colorado Mountains, specifically near Eagle County, when the engine of the “Thumper”- Race 12, suddenly stopped.  Unable to find level ground, Zayac was forced to belly-in the plane, causing it to cartwheel, rip off the wings, and finally come to a stop in a ravine.  The aircraft was entirely destroyed, but Zayac walked away from the accident with minor injuries.  Later it was found that the fuel pump blew, causing engine starvation.  (Watch Report on CBS 4 News).
Zayac’s Advice to Children Aspiring to be Pilots:
“Children should know that it’s never to early to get started in aviation...whether it’s prioritizing their math studies, or reaching out to local programs like the EAA Young Eagles Program, which offers children free orientation flights at local airports" -Zayac


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